Let us know where, when, and what you want to record and Galle Studios will make it happen!

From June to August 2019, Galle Studios engineer Jonathan Galle worked closely with engineer and producer Victor Muenzer to record at the Grand Teton Music Festival. Jonathan worked with artists such as Augustin Hadelich, Stephen Hough, and Anderson and Roe. During this time, Jonathan also gained experience editing recordings for radio broadcast as well as recording radio interviews on location.  Galle Studios is looking forward to recording at GTMF this next season!

Galle Studios currently provides live audio recording for the Boulder Mahler Fest's annual performance in Macky auditorium. While Galle Studios was contracted to record the 2020 season, due to recent developments we will look forward to the 2021 season but will not be recording this year's season.

"Ciao Bella" was released on 04/20/2020, only a few months after the release of "What Happens on Earth." Coloradan hip-hop/rap artist Willy P reached out to Galle Studios in the fall of 2019 with a request to mix and master his music.

False Cognates is a local Denver based artist with  a very unique sound. This somewhat musically-ambiguous sounding pop/indie-rock duo pushes the boundaries of the listener's musical expectations and expands the listener's palette with experimental sounds and surprising instrumental textures. Jonathan was first asked to help with the recording of some vocal parts, then later as a mastering engineer on their single "Bram Stoker".

Jonathan regularly provides live sound to his church to keep his live sound production skills in good form. You can often find him running sound at Calvary Bible Church in Boulder.

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