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Galle Studio has worked with many clients, including...

Artist: David Korevaar

Performance: Beethoven 33 Variations on a Walts by Anton Diabelli, Pre-recorded concert

Recorded audio and video. Mixed, edited and mastered

Artist: Willy P 

Album: What Happens On Earth

Mixed Vocals and Mastered Album


Album: Ciao Bella

Mixed Vocals and Mastered Album

Grand Teton Music Festival 2019

Recorded soloists and ensembles including:

Takacs String Quartet

Augustin Hadelich

Stephen Hough

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet

Anderson & Roe

Fox Tracks Music 2018-Current (ongoing)

Recorded Live concerts/independent clients through fox tracks

Colorado MahlerFest 2019

Recorded festival orchestra and chamber orchestra

Boulder Symphony Orchestra

Recording engineer

Von Disco Live at Muse Performance Space

Recording and mixing engineer

Dechen Hawk Live at the Muse Performance Space

Recording and mixing engineer

Sky Pond Live at the Lazy Dog

Recording engineer

War in the Wasteland (audiobook)

Mastering engineer

The Bundy Standoff (2018, documentary)

Mixing and mastering engineer

Lavoy - Dead Man Talking (2018, documentary)

Mixing and mastering engineer

With You in Spirit (2016, album)

Recording engineer, producer, mastering engineer

Galle Studios
Mobile Audio and Video Recording Studio

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